Permanent makeup has seen itself falling into an entirely new class of inking and this has proved it to be increasingly popular among Gen Xer’s and millennials alike. Now add to this that tattoos no longer have the stigma they did 40 years ago and you have a recipe for success in an industry that has been around since the mid 70’s.

If you have spent any time in beauty circles in the last five or so years you will have heard the term microblading. While the trend has been around for a number of years, it’s really only started picking up in popularity in the past two years. Unlike traditional permanent makeup tattoos, the skill of semi-permanent microblading ensures that those going for the procedure leave with fuller, darker and more defined eyebrows. See more here: Permanent makeup by Janette.

The processes of microblading see the application of expertly mixed pigments being inserted into the topmost layers of skin on the face through fine abrasions which create the long-lasting illusion of the perfect eyebrows. In a world which is so focused on outward appearance, the trend exploded in popularity almost overnight.  Many of the top cosmetic procedure companies across the world reported an increase in the demand for information on the procedure.

While microblading is the latest trend to take over internet searches and telephonic queries, it is by no means the only permanent makeup procedure which is highly sought-after in today’s world. Throughout the 80’s to 00’s the process of applying permanent makeup was very much tattoo-like. It was generally applied using the same inks and processes and conventional tattoos. If you know of anyone with permanent tattoos from this ear you will be able to associate it with hard lines and fuzzy edges.

Permanent makeup has evolved very much since those times and the technological innovation behind the application process of permanent and semi-permanent makeup has seen an uptake in the procedures from a whole new client base looking for long-term solutions. Today’s cosmetic tattoos make use of an iron oxide-based pigment that is implanted more superficially in the skin, which makes it semi-permanent.

Additionally, you will find that these pigments are much thicker than traditional tattoo inks. This thicker texture gives the finished product a softer and more natural look than even actual makeup. When you combine the advancement of pigmentation with the updated techniques such as microblading you are left with a tattoo which sits far closer to the surface of the skin to look more natural.

When you take into account that a number of social media influencers have added to the increasing popularity of permanent makeup, you will find that more and more of the younger generation are eagerly lining up their local studios to get in on the trend. You do need to keep in mind that the popularity of the procedures does not mean that everyone has been satisfied by the results. Always make sure that you enlist the services of a professional when dealing with permanent or semi-permanent makeup.


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