Whenever you have a big event coming there are dresses that we must keep in our wardrobe, and that is a stunning dark shade for prom dresses. They are indispensable, and we can’t have enough of them. Today in your favorite store Jovani, we will talk about one of them, and we will give you ideas to combine with a beautiful prom black dress.

A piece for every occasion

The reasons for wearing a black dress are diverse. First, it will make you look thinner and highlight your natural curves. Also, this color is considered elegant and a symbol that reflects authority and power. The best thing is that they never go out of style.

Its use dates back to 1926 when Coco Chanel conceived it. It became legendary by the hand of actress Audrey Hepburn in 1961 when he used it in the movie Breakfast with diamonds. Apart you can reinvent it with just a few touches and accessories.

Black dresses can be worn for almost any occasion including prom night. You must know how to choose the right style, the key to highlight is to personalize them, and we will show you how.

– For prom parties and day events, it is preferable to wear short prom dresses and tight, with a cut neckline. The length should be – below the knee, especially for offices and with soft fabrics that look good in this color, like a wool crepe.

– Especially for prom, choose one of the straps, tight to the body that reaches the knee. The bodice is recommended to be heart-shaped, in a thicker fabric and up to the knee.

– If on your prom night you want to use casual clothes, lean for an elastic dress.

– It is the ideal garment especially for the Christmas season because it makes you look elegant and at the same time stylize your figure. Ideally, have a simple cut.

The black dress adapts to different body shapes

For women with a large bust, the best is the black round neck dress to reduce the size visually.

On the other hand, the best alternative to highlight the figure is the belt, enhances the hips. Place it on the thinnest part of the waist and combine it with the shoes. You will shape the loose models or accentuate those that are tight.

The dress with V-cut, sleeveless is suitable for those of short stature. While the court empire hides imperfections such as the pronounced abdomen and wide hips you can avoid brightness, lace, and tulles for daily activities.

Ideas to combine with a black dress

As we all know, the dress is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile and timeless; the Jovani prom dresses segment is an example of these characteristics. But what makes it unique are the accessories, which makes them get the most out of it.

Among the accessories for prom dresses, we have that the cardigan is a good alternative. Only that it has to combine with the long and the appropriate complements.

The shoes allow you to play to enhance the style but the basics of the main garment.

– If the intention is to have a sober appearance use the closed and thin heel.

– If you are looking for informality, it is good to wear boots or ballerinas.

– To be more elegant the right thing is the high heels or sandals.

– Red is an ally of black, can be worn on footwear, belt, bag or jacket.

But this is not enough, to enhance the style wears a colorful necklace or colorful bracelets, earrings and ring. The silver-tone stands out with the black and gives a touch of elegance without becoming formal. Large bags are for the day and small clutch bags for the night.

Also, the brooches are suitable to give the dress a touch of light or color. With small flower shapes or a with a single gemstone you can achieve the goal. If you choose to have an elegant appearance make sure to visit Jovani so you can pick among the most perfect prom dresses in dark or black shade, just for you.


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