One of the most famous pieces of clothing a man can own, and you will always find in their wardrobe is the polo shirt. This short sleeves collared shirt is famous worldwide and is a perfect wear for casual and formal wear. This shirt first started as athletic wear, people playing golf, tennis, horse polo was seen sporting this shirt. Later it changed into a fashion trend and is still in fashion after all these years. Several brands have come forward with polo shirts, with Ralph Lauren being the famous one. You can find them in different styles and colors all available in one place on Nisnass. Get access to them from different top brands and at a lower price with the help of Nisnass promo code.

They’re Gender Neutral

Polo shirts are gender-neutral. When they were manufactured as sportswear, they were first sported by men, but then later when women entertained the sports field they started wearing them too and now both the genders have them in their wardrobe. One can pair this shirt with skin tight jeans, flared jeans, shorts, cargo pants, and capris pants. The polo shirts have two-three buttons on the front which should be closed to give the shirt a proper look and a sleek style and have a softer collar, unlike formal shirts which have firmer collars. Nisnass promo code will help you in getting these shirts in different colors for a lower price.

They’re Perfect Tuck in Shirts

Another thing you will notice about polo shirts is that they have back longer than the front so that it’s easier to tuck in case you want to tuck in your pants to give off a formal look. With wide collection available at Nisnass, you can use the Nisnass promo codeto get some formal jeans to go along with these shirts. You can then pair them with a suit coat or blazer and get a formal look for a business meeting or dinner with your loved ones.

Polo Shirts for All Seasons

Made with breathable cloth, these clothes are perfect wear for summer times. You will see many men sporting them with cargo pants and shorts when going out and is also the perfect travel shirt when going out for vacations because they take much room in your suitcase or traveling bag. In the case of winters, men can pair them with a white shirt underneath and a coat, blazer or jacket on top and remain stylish. The best thing you can pair with your polo shirt is the leather jacket. You can use Nisnass promo code and get a leather jacket at a lower price to match with your polo shirt in the cold season.

For All Ages

Another best part about the polo shirt is that it can look stylish on all ages. You will find a variety of these shirts in babies as young as a few months old and in adults with ages 70 and above. A polo shirt will only look good if it has a single color and a little patch logo on the chest area at the left-hand side. Use Nisnass promo code and get pastel and light colors for the summer season, and dark and bright colors for the winters at a low price.


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