No matter what profession you follow, the outfit and matching jewelry will give out a crisp and clean signal of who you are. This will influence the momentum of any interaction with other people. So, colour coordinating your jewelry with the outfit for any occasion is a must.

Color theory

Color theory is the basic place to start. The primary colours are red, blue and yellow. Purple, orange and green are the secondary colours. If we use the Standard Colour Wheel, the complement of a color is directly across the said color.

If not, the complement of a primary colour is the combination of the other two primary colors. For example, for red, the complement color is a mix of both blue and yellow, which is green.

Jewelry and outfits

Blue and green outfits go well with white pearls. Rubies, sapphires, citrines and amethysts looks elegant with blue shades of clothing. Onyx pendants or a pink pearl necklace goes well with white outfits. Red outfits pair well with emerald jewelry.

Purple outfits match well with citrines, emerald and gold-toned jewelry. Opt for blue-colored gemstones for your yellow attire. Earthy-coloured and neutral outfits go well with diamonds and black jewelry. And it is truth that diamonds do pair well with any outfit.

Tone of jewelry

The occasion demands the choice of jewelry you wear. In an office or formal environment, jewelry should be subtle and minimal. Keep it to simple bracelets, stud earrings and thin chains.

For a party you can go bold with the most-eccentric pair of earrings. Statement, customised and bold pendants will be a head-turner. Layered pearl necklace or gold-filigree necklace will make your day. Danglers and hoop earring will break the symmetry of the outfit.

For a bohemian look with your loose flowy clothing, opt for long chains or necklaces, preferably layered. For short tight outfits, especially the little black dress, opt for tight chokers. Optimal mixing of metals in your accessories brings out the wildness in you.


Color coordinating also highlights your skin tone, eyes and hairdo. It provides a canvas for the bags you carry and footwear you wear. Careful color coordination can make a winner out of you.


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