Second-hand gold jewellery is hugely valuable in the modern-day. Many cash for gold businesses will offer you excellent prices for your unwanted jewellery, although expect to be paid less than what you paid for it brand new.

This is due to the manufacturing cost and the jewellers labour which you can not get back. A cash for gold company is only interested in the melt value of your gold.

There is numerous cash for gold companies in most big cities that will purchase your gold items or buy your gold directly. Most of them will give you money immediately, but other people prefer to obtain brand new gold jewellery instead.

If you’re thinking of selling your gold jewellery, it would be best if you had some of these tips in mind. Let’s see!

Keep calm, and be a realist.

Although selling gold is an excellent way of obtaining quick cash, it would help if you didn’t set your expectations too high. That Necklace that has been running in your family for years may have huge emotional value, but maybe it isn’t as worthy as you may think. For you, it’s a family relic. For them, it’s just another necklace.

According to many sources, only on rare occasions, people can sell second-hand jewellery for their purchase price.

As beautiful as your item may be, it may not cost as much as you think due to multiple aspects. Cash for gold companies will inspect the piece and will tell you what it’s worth based on the weight and purity.

Before selling the piece, evaluate it yourself or have a professional do it for you.

We recommend looking at your piece objectively before selling it. For instance, some people advise you to inspect it as if you were looking at a used car. What do you do in these cases? You try to get as much information as you can – the model, year, mileage… and so on.

When you’re inspecting gold jewellery, you must consider factors such as the karats, purity and melt value. There are too many factors that affect the price of a gold jewellery piece, and it’s essential for you to take them all into consideration so you can have an idea of the best price for your item.

Multiple online tools make this process easier, such as this calculator you can use to find out your gold’s melt value.

Selling gold jewellery to gold buyers is not complicated. It’s worth it.

Selling gold is a straightforward process – although the company will take different tests to make sure the gold you’re trying to sell is real, it is often done quickly using XRF machines or acid.

Most importantly, stores are not looking for brand new jewellery. Any piece of gold will do, regardless if it looks good or not. Most stores are looking forward to melting that gold down and on selling it to the gold refinery to make new gold bullion.

Therefore, you can trust that your gold items are worth something, and there will always be someone interested in purchasing it even if it’s to melt it down!


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