You may not have those dark, luscious eyelashes and brows; however, tinting can get you right there. With this process, your lashes would look darker, longer and denser. You’ll not need mascara to attain the ultimate beauty, eyelash tinting is the secret. Tinting of eyebrows would allow them to look longer, thicker, darker. There is also added structure and volume for the sparser brows. Lash tinting is practical and gives long-lasting results, cutting down on your make up application time and money.

Following are steps to achieve the best results for eyelash tinting

In order to get superior tinting results, remove all of your makeup with a non-oil base makeup remover. The lashes should be clean, dry and free of oil before you begin the application. You can even go to the salon with a bare and freshly cleansed face.

Preparation for tinting

The beautician would apply a protective cream around your eyes so you won’t get dye on your eyelids. Pads will then be placed under your eyes. During this time you can rest and relax. In some salons, you will be able to choose select a color. The usual color choices are brown, dark brown, black brown and black.


Close your eyes and allow the beautician to apply the creamy tint paste on your eyelashes with an application wand. All lashes will be adequately covered with the tint mixture using a fine brush. The tinting paste should be applied on the eyebrows in the direction of the natural hair growth. Five to ten minutes should be allowed for the tint to sink properly.

Cleaning the eyebrows

After enough time has passed for the tint to sink, the beautician will then remove any excess using a soft and dry cotton ball. In case the tint mixture touches the skin, tint remover should be used gently to remove the spots. Care should be taken not to get the tint into contact with the eyes; it can be painful and traumatizing.

Choosing tint shades

Again, tints come in different shades; it could be the blonde, pure black, natural brown, chestnut, and many others. When choosing the shades, you should ensure that the choice matches the lighter areas of your eyebrows, the eyes and the hair on the head.


Lash tint is not a DIY thing. It is a sensitive undertaking that requires someone with the right skills and is well experienced. Check out for a beautician who has a reputation and with the knowledge on tinting. Take your time to interview them or search for reviews to hear the expected results. Do not be lured by those industry quacks who offer low prices and end up damaging your skin.

Achieve the epitome of beauty by tinting your lashes using the best shades. Choose the right professional for perfect results.


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