If you have a round-shaped face and you are searching for the best short hairstyles and haircuts for round faces, then you are reading the right page. We hope you understand that not all haircuts are ideal for women with round faces, so you should be keen when choosing for the right haircut to wear.

Many of these haircuts are designed to minimise the roundness of a round face. However, there are those which are styled to highlight the roundness. Therefore, before you start your selection, it is important to know what you need to achieve with the hairstyle you choose. Here are some examples of short haircuts for round faces for you to consider.

  1. Long Straight Bangs.

Are you looking for the easiest and beautiful ways to highlight the best qualities of your round face? Then you should go for the long straight bangs. They make your face look stylish. You can style the remaining hair asymmetrical to enhance more touch to the look. However, be prepared for high maintenance in case you choose this haircut.

  1. Over the Shoulder Style.

This gives you exactly what you need. The asymmetrical haircut incorporates the benefits of a bob and does away with the cons of long hair. The locks are chopped specially to allow the loose bob to make a great combo with elongated tresses on one side. You can change it into a simple bob if you get bored with it anytime.

  1. Graduated Straight Bob.

Probably one of the best haircuts for round faces. Either with volume or not, a graduated bob is the best choice for ladies with round faces. The shape of the face doesn’t need much volume, and that is why volume is not much concern here.

  1. Asymmetrical Bob.

This is the best haircut to choose if you have a round face. It gives you an illusion of long chin, which balances the impacts of volume made by the roundness of the face. To create more corners of your face, brush the bangs on one side.

  1. Youthful Bob.

Short haircuts for round faces have existed for a long time, but this is a new look we are seeing. This haircut can only be defined as cute and stylish. Regardless of your age, you would look young if you wear this bob. The extended bangs just incorporate some wilderness to the style, while the varying hair length makes the haircut unique.

  1. The Short Perm.

If you are looking for a wild look, then this is the right haircut you should consider. The messy and short curls if well styled gives you a beautiful and wild appearance for your round shaped face. If you have natural curls, you may not require much maintenance, but the perm will need styling. The curls if styled on top gives an impression of the long face.


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