Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. That said, the beholder is you because when you start considering yourself beautiful, you feel beautiful. Jewelries are just the cherry on the top which completes the look and adds that touch of feminine power which every woman deserve. Now you might think that for this you must turn to silver or platinum (which will be very expensive)  or go the whole gypsy way with black cords and fake gemstones, but stop worrying because gold can give you that perfect ‘simple’ look too.

By simple look, I mean understated and you are wondering how gold can be understated given that it literally glitters. The trick lies in the designs of the jewelry you have chosen and how you carry it. While gold is by no means cheap, you can always opt for 18k or 10k gold jewelries which are designed to be worn every day without the traditional heavy looks and it kind of melts into your being and at the same time does the job to make you look and feel beautiful.

A few tricks are:

  1. Hoops are simple daily wear earrings gold and inconspicuous. I am not talking about the gigantic hoops, but the smaller ones which almost stick to the pinna of the ear. The hoops can be of medium thickness. This is non-flashy and can be worn every day.
  2. Simple gold rings without stones works best for daily use. But if you do not want to be bored of the simple band, you can pick one with engravings on it. You can even gest those engravings customized and make a statement all the while not actually making it.
  3. Slim gold chain designs with price with heavy discounts also does wonders. You can opt for sticks or beaded necklace which will not need added pedants or a simple link chain with a small charm pendant too does the trick.
  4. Anklets are the most inconspicuous jewelry yet most simple and beautiful. Be it a pair or a solo piece, anklets adds a certain character to your feet, not to mention highlighting your calves.
  5. Nose rings are, contrary to popular believe, not in your face even though they literally are. A simple gold hooped nose pin can be your best friend without being too flashy and obvious.

History have seen so many forms and transformations in the jewelry industry be it their designs or their uses. Jewelry has now become an accessory which is an essential part of our lifestyle. While the simple look makes your hectic day a less hectic, it is good to sometimes go all the way quirky and show off your wild side. After all, the whole point of this is to have fun and be yourself.


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