If you, like me, are trying to give meaningful and original gifts (to enter a certain budget) and now you are trying to figure out an idea with similar features for wedding gifts for your guests, then I have a bad news for you – to an almost impossible task.

Guest gifts can be divided into several categories:

Tasty Wedding Gifts

The most popular wedding gifts for guests are honey jars and, less often, homemade jam. Next are chocolates, cookies, candy, glaze cakes, colored lollipops and everything else you think of each other. The packaging is usually customized with the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding. Other times the treats are placed in purse with ribbon or in handmade paper boxes.

Tasty gifts are an excellent idea because they have no overwhelming claim to remain a memory forever and still remind you of a warm feeling about the newlyweds and their wedding in one of the following mornings when you drink your tea with a delicious. As a Premium Gift Supplier this one happens to be a very tricky gift.

Wedding souvenirs

If you could make statistics on the most gifts for wedding guests in the last 20 years, it would certainly be the ceramic (and less often glass) figures of elephants, horses, hearts, bells, horseshoes, angels, penguins, winches and other feathers with or without inscription, ribbon and brocade.

Glass gift figurines for guests

“Letter in a Bottle” – a personal message to every guest at the wedding

In the past 5 years, the popularity among wedding souvenirs has also the cinnamon sticks with a ribbon. There are crystals with inlaid inscriptions, shells, and wooden figurines. All of them, as well as the ceramic figurines, fall into the category that skeptics summarize with the term “dust-collectors”, and yet under certain conditions they can be a very good gift for wedding guests.

Gifts for wedding guests in a box

Many beautiful weddings are surrendered. In most cases, it’s a delicious gift usually candy, and sometimes a selection of luxury tea to relax you in the morning after the wedding party. They can be Personalized Power Banks or any other thing for you.

Wedding gift magnets

Magnets essentially fall into the category of wedding souvenirs, but they are separated into a separate category because they have a lot of interest in the past few years, and many people have the hobby to stick magnets on their refrigerator. The magnets themselves are flat and small, do not take up much space, they do not collect dust, and as a format they allow for a great personalization – by cutting them into a certain shape and / or by putting a picture of the newlyweds.

Practical small gifts

There are personalized matches, bizarre opens, shots, salt pads, book divider, candlesticks and candles. At one of our last weddings, guests were given a coffee drawing kit. In my personal ranking for practical gifts for guests, the championship holds two bags of fragrant herbs. One of the pouches stood for a few months under my pillow and the other was still in the closet and creating a feeling of a forest meadow whenever you opened it.


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