Many are coffee drinkers but it takes a real coffee lover to recognize the best coffee! While there are several types of coffee brewing methods, the french press boasts of its tasty, rich coffee output. It’s true that some brewing options tend to be famous because of its automated features butfrench press, also known as coffee press, could top them all in terms of quality coffee. This type of coffee brewing device is mainly differentiated by not using a paper filter which allows essential oils, natural coffee bean flavors, and other nutrients to get into your favorite cup of Joe.

French or Italian Press?

There’s actually a confusion about the origin of french press. Some say this coffee brewing method originated in France while others strongly believe that it came from Italy. But to helpyou understand the issue, let us read a short story about french press:

Back in the 1850s, a French man accidentally invented the french press. In one of his routine daily walk, he forgot to place the coffee in the boiling pot. After he added it, the ground coffee resurfaced and he was eager to get and save what’s left. Luckily, an Italian merchant passed by and sold a metal screen to the French man. A stick was used to press down the screen and successfully obtained the coffee ground. He drank the coffee expecting it to have an awful taste but voila! A supreme coffee was successfully brewed through it.

Who knows what happened after that brilliant discovery? Maybe, due to his excitement of his discovery, the Frenchman shared it to the Italian merchant who in turn made another set of french brewed coffee and sold it to his customers. This is just an assumption though, but still, this can be a possible explanation to the issue of french press origin. However, the most important point is that we now enjoy the benefits of the coffee press.

Documented History of French Press

Whether the legend is true or not, there’s an authentic document in the origin of French press. In a nutshell, the very first design was made by two Frenchmen, Mayer and Delforge in 1850, but the first patents were registered in Italy by Calimani and Moneta in 1928. Fast-forward, newer innovations of french press are made which were registered by the makers of different countries, and the rest is history.

How to Operate French Press?

Brewing a cup of french press coffee is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose the right french press for you – there are plenty of coffee press products for you to choose from. If you’re a person who’s always on-the-go, then perhaps the most compact design might suit you best.

Step 2: Place the fresh, coarsely ground coffee beans into the press

Step 3: Add hot, almost boiling water and wait for at least 4 minutes

Step 4: Press the plunger down

Step 5: Enjoy your full-flavored brewed coffee

The “Coffee”Key Point

For many coffee lovers, the origin of the coffee press isn’t an issue. What matters most is they can enjoy a daily dose of coffee in its purest form which is simply brewed through a french press coffee maker.


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