With news, documentaries, and films about global warming, climate change, environmental degradation — people are determined more than ever to combat these phenomena’s harmful effects and create a sustainable place to live in.

From the grassroots to the national level, people are now giving more particular importance to avoiding patronage of plastic, recycling paper, and using environment-friendly and reusable products like paper bags and coloured recyclable carriers.

If you’re a fan of these campaigns, you’d be glad to know that you’re actually doing a simple yet noble act that when done collectively can significantly help keep Mother Nature protected. Check out some amazing facts about recycling:

  1. On the average, people produce trash weighing 4.4 pounds on a daily basis. This amounts to 1.5 tons of solid waste every year!
  2. People around the world use approximately 1 trillion plastic bags. In an effort to reduce this statistic, people are now encouraged to use paper bags, printed paper bags and coloured recyclable carriers instead.
  3. It takes about half a millennium for plastic and aluminum to decompose. As they won’t decay anytime soon, recycling them is most probably one of the best choices left.
  4. Glasses, on the other hand, take a million years to fully degrade.
  5. Glass and aluminum can be recycled and used over and over again. So instead of just throwing these things out, it’s better to have them recycled.
  6. Over a million sea creatures are killed by throwing plastic bags into the ocean. In the Pacific Ocean, there is the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” that contains a variety of trash — from styrofoam to cigarette buts, balloons, and more.
  7. Most Europeans and Americans have actually been practising the habits of reusing and recycling even before the 20th century.
  8. The world’s first-ever municipal landfill was built in ancient Athens in 400 B.C.
  9. More than 60% of what people throw in dustbins are actually recyclable. Instead of sending your garbage straight to the trash can, think twice first — if there’s anything that can be used or recycled, isolate them and send them to waste and recycling companies. Or you can reuse or recycle them on your own.
  10. Paper wastes take up 40% of the space in landfills. Papers are virtually used by all sectors, so this figure is just logical. To reduce this number, the government and many companies have been increasing their efforts to popularise paper recycling.
  11. Paper recycling is a good thing, but not all papers can be recycled. Those that can be recycled include coloured and white paper and envelopes, carbonless forms, magazines, newspapers, and manila folders among others.
  12. Recycling papers can save trees and water. Using recycled papers can translate to saving 7,000 gallons of water per ton of paper, and preventing up to 900 million trees from getting cut down.
  13. Use of recycled papers leads to less air pollution. A ton (2,000 pounds) of recycled paper can equate to 60 pounds less of air pollution!
  14. Recycling in general also helps conserve natural resources, like gas and charcoal.
  15. Recycling can also help reduce harmful emissions including methane gas. If you want to do your own little way of healing our atmosphere, recycling and using products like printed paper bags and coloured recyclable carriers can really go a long way.

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