A framed portrait is a great way to show your best qualities. At the risk of being too cliché, it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words and choosing a portrait to display as the center of someone’s personalized memorial picture frames is an important task. A memorial frame with a portrait is something that people will remember, so it must be something a photo that highlights all the best qualities.

Here is a quick guide to help family members or friends choose a portrait to use in the memorial picture frame:

A Natural Smile

A photo that shows a comfortable and natural smile is a great choice. A staged photo can make the subject look too stiff and uncomfortable and it is not something that people should remember or see when they look at the personalized memorial picture frames. The natural smile makes them look happy and peaceful, which is the purpose of displaying a memorial frame for everyone to see.

Showcase Their Passion

Choose pictures where the subject is participating in something they are passionate about. There is a big chance that they look happy, content, and relaxed in these photos. The portrait doesn’t have to be something that only focuses on their face, it can also tell the story of their life so that people can share stories when they see the picture frame.

Plus, this adds another level of personalization to the memorial frame, which will make it extra unique and very thoughtful.

Their Favorite Memory

There is a big chance that the person you are dedicating the memorial frame to has shared a few of their favorite memories throughout their life. If there are photos from a particularly special event, use this as their portrait. This is an added touch that will warm the hearts of those who see it because they too will know just how special that memory was to the person while they were alive.

Focused On The Subject

Do not choose a picture where the main subject is in the background, this is not a good way to honor and cherish their memory. Make sure that all portraits have them as the main subject or the dedication on the memorial frame will seem like it is honoring someone else.

Photo And Frame Should Match

Choose the portrait and the frame wisely so that they will match each other. If they are two very different themes it will look impersonal and disconnected which is not a good way to remember a person. Get personalized frames that are made especially with the person in mind to make it extra special.

A Memory That Lives On

A portrait with a personalized frame is a great way to keep the memory of a loved one alive and fresh on everyone’s mind. Make sure it is something that will make you smile every time you see it so that all the good and wonderful memories come back time and time again. Add a unique anecdote to the frame so that friends and family can also enjoy the portrait with a smile.
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