This is one of Odyssey’s best LCD projectors for offices and homes. It has a compact design which makes it capable of fitting almost everywhere. The projector is capable of operating at high resolutions though it is only limited to a 1080P maximum.  Tons of other great features make OC-440 LCD Projector that can be used in the place of Odyssey cinema   NR -90.

Features and Benefits

 OC-440 LCD Projector is high-quality and powerful LCD projector that rich in features and capabilities. It is the choice of most people only due to the many benefits and features. Here is an array of the qualities, features, and advantages that make this projection unit a real deal for homeowners and office operators.

 It has a long-lasting build. This odyssey LCD unit has a long-lasting bulb that has an excellent life expectancy of 20,000 hours. Once you get this projector, you will have over 20,000 hours to use it before you need to replace the bulb regardless of how often you use it.

 It is compatible with multiple standard devices. This odyssey projector can be connected to devices such as iPhones, computers, Blue-Ray and DVD players, tablets and much more. This makes it ideal for office and home applications.

 The contrast level on this model is quite significant. With a huge contrast ratio of more than 45,000:1, you get clearer and color-rich images even in the darkest areas.

 It can project presentations on huge surfaces of up to 250 feet. Getting this projector is crucial if you want to get your presentations projected in to give life-like and cleaner details. No matter how small the source of the projection is, you are sure that you will get more elegant and more accurate presentations.

 The projector has over 4500 lumens. With this high brightness level, you get your presentations presented in a clearer and detailed manner regardless of the lighting condition where the projections are being directed.

Why Should You Get One

With so many projector options in the market, it is normal to wonder why you should choose OC-440 LCD Projector over others. There are so many reasons this is the best projector for you.

 It’s from a reputable brand. Odyssey, the manufacturer behind this projector, has acquired considerable reputation over the years. They capitalize on manufacturing only premium products that meet the quality preferences of different customers.

 You get value for your money. While Odyssey products are not the cheapest products on the market, their high-quality makes them a preference over choices. When you get this projector, you are assured of getting value for your money.

 It is durable. OC-440 LCD is created to be a durable and long-lasting projector.


Odyssey projectors are indeed some of the best home and business projectors in the market.  They incorporate state-of-the-art designs and features which make them ideal for presenting presentations in a professional and near-perfect way. Odyssey OC-440 LCD has everything you will look out for in a premium projector. Buy it today, and you will never regret making such a bold decision in your life.


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