Bulk material handling, in simple terms, is the technical process implemented to process and handle materials in bulk efficiently using bulk material bags and necessary equipment.

Bulk material manufactured by businesses could be in any of the following forms:

  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Flakes
  • Pellets

The above-mentioned materials need to be delivered and supplied to clients using bulk bags. Most common technical terms for said bulk bags are:

  • Big bags
  • FIBCs
  • Super sacks

It is best to keep in mind that bulk material handling equipment and bulk bags make the part and parcel of modern-day industries that rely on dry raw material in bulk.

The role of bulk material bags

Manufacturers should use bulk material bags in order to transport goods. They should not only get in touch with a renowned supplier of bulk material bags that have been in business for a while but also invest in on-site bulk material handling solutions.

In this way, they will witness an increase in the overall efficiency and productivity of their venture. They should readily invest in equipment that can efficiently handle mechanical bulk material discharging processes.

That stated, whether you are searching for the perfect bulk bag supplier or bulk material discharging solution, you should keep the following things in mind for the best results:

  • You should have a deep understanding of the application of bulk material handling solutions
  • You should choose bulk bags and bulk material handling solutions based on the characteristics of your material
  • You should choose bulk bags and bulk material handling solutions that will be compatible with the overall working conditions of your place of business

The overall characteristic of the material is a very important consideration!

It is best to keep in mind that the characteristics of the goods your venture manufactures, transports and stores will affect the process you will be implementing onsite to handle the same in bulk.

Furthermore, the said characteristics will also determine the bulk bag type as well as the type of bulk material handling solutions you would need to invest in.

That stated, here is a list of the said material characteristics:

  • The density of the material in bulk
  • The overall size of the material particles
  • The temperature of the material
  • The form of the material – i.e. whether the material will be in powder form, flake form, granule form, pellet form, fiber form, crystal form, lump form, etc.
  • Whether the material is heat-sensitive, explosive, highly reactive, abrasive, toxic, corrosive, explosive, etc.
  • The percentage of liquid content in the material. The liquid content could be signifying water content, fat content, oil content, etc.

It is safe to state that industries around the world could not have achieved their current positions if bulk material handling solutions such as bulk bags were not invented. Bulk bags make it easy for businesses and industries to transport or store raw materials. Bulk bags are also used to safely store finished products before they are being sent for final packing. In the end, if you run an enterprise that deals in the manufacturing, storing and transportation of goods, it is best that you get in touch with a renowned bulk bag supplier.


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