The bed is an essential part of your bedroom, but it is not only the bed but the bedside table as well. You should be a little careful with choosing the furniture in your room to ensure that you have everything right beside you when you need it. However, if you have a partner with yourself, you can get two bedside tables for your room. These can prove to be extremely beneficial, and you need to be very picky while choosing them.

Types of bedside tables

Bedside tables are very handy and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These bedside tables are entitled to a lot of features which prove to be very beneficial. Some of the prominent types of bedside tables in NZ include the following

  • Simple tables: These are like those traditional bedside tables, compatible with any room if the house. However, these are a little small compared to the other kinds of tables.
  • Bedside cabinets: These come with a lot of drawers and cabinets thereby allowing you to store some things. These are usually given the shape of a chest.
  • Nightstands: These are small tables that can hold an alarm clock or lamp for you.

How to choose bedside tables?

Bedside tables are pretty much functional. The surface of the bedside tables in NZ allows you to store different things such as lamp, book, glass while the storage boxers help to store the things. You should keep the bedside tables close to your bed so that you can ensure the best use of it.


People have been using bedside tables of various sizes, from smaller chest like ones to those that same to desks with chairs. Whatever looks the best for yourself, you can choose. Before you choose the bedside table, you should be a little considerate and determine that they are the suitable ones for your room. The size of your bedside table should be the same as that of the mattress, higher or lower than that will not be suitable. This is because they may either be too big to fit in or too small for the room.


Whenever you are considering decorating your bedside table, you should determine what accessories you would keep on it. Make sure to use the least amount of accessories to ensure that they are simple. You can choose to decorate the table with a vase with flowers, photo frame or clocks. You don’t need to place too many accessories; keeping it simple can be pretty beneficial.


You should check whether you want to buy the bedside storage with storages or not. Storage bedside tables are very much practical because they contain cabinets in which you can store books, slipper. These extra spaces can be pretty beneficial. If you want to keep the space clutter free, you can install storage bedside tables in your room. Apart from that, you can also install shelf and wall brackets.

You should thoroughly check if the bedside table in NZ is matching the interiors of your room or not. You should also check for the affordability of the table to ensure that you get the best for your price.


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