If you are a business owner who sells confectionery, you may be looking to boost sales by introducing a new product. If you live in a diverse neighbourhood which has a strong Muslim community, why not consider stocking Halal-friendly products such as sweets? Leading sweet manufacturers such as Haribo, now supply shops and other kinds of businesses with Halal friendly sweets which are made specifically for Muslim children and adults. If you are looking to buy Halal sweets wholesale in London, you’ll find some great suppliers in the area.

Is there a difference between Halal sweets and regular sweets?

  • Regular sweets contain pork gelatine.
  • Halal sweets are made from beef gelatine.
  • Halal sweets are certified to ensure they are Halal-friendly products.
  • They contain gelatine from Halal sources.
  • Some are completely free of any gelatine.
  • There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to taste.
  • Halal sweets don’t contain alcohol-based flavouring

Boosting Sales

If you are a shop owner who is looking to boost sales, then why not offer a product that will sell well within your community. There are many areas in the UK which contain large Muslim populations, if you already stock Halal-friendly products, add Halal sweets to your list. There is a huge market for Halal sweets, especially if you get rid of the pork gelatine. Top brands like Haribo taste almost identical to a standard product, they aren’t as rubbery, and the texture is slightly softer. If Muslim children fit your customer profile, why not sell products that consumers will spend money on?


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