We all have heard about pearls that are found in the ocean in living organisms. Everybody in this world are mesmerized by pearls. The beautiful shapes and different colors of a pearl add more charm to your look. There are different varieties of pearl jewelry in the market like bracelets, necklace, earrings or rings. The tradition of cultured pearls started in 1916 and Mikimoto Kokichi was behind the production of cultured pearls.

Earlier pearls were sold at the jewelry shop but these days you don’t have to go anywhere to shop for your favorite pearls. You have to just sit in front of your computer and find an ideal shopping website that sells pearls. You will definitely find a professional company that sells Mikimoto pearls. Mikimoto wanted to have all the quality of natural pearls in these cultured pearls and hence he introduced these pearls.

Qualities of Pearls One Should Know

As a beginner you may not know how a pearl should look like or whether the pearl you bought is real or a fake one. So, the best answer to this will be to check certain qualities of pearl before buying it.

The very first quality is luster. By luster we mean the amount of light reflected from the surface of the pearl. More the luster, the pearl is more valuable. A dull pearl would not be liked by anyone. Mikimoto thought of injecting the material into pearl oysters to make them more lustrous.

The other qualities to check are shape, color, surface finishing and size. These are the factors you must consider before buying a pearl. The shape that crosses our mind on listening the word pearl is round but there are many shapes apart from the round shape. The color is the factor that can help you choose a pearl for you. There might be one color you like or you might have dreamt of wearing a specific color pearl. There are many variants of colored pearls available that you can choose for yourself.

These were some of the facts about Mikimoto pearls.


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