It can be very hard ignoring all of the cute baby items in the store when you’re looking for a gift for someone who has recently had a child. Fortunately, there are many things newborns need of which new parents may not have enough. If you want to give practical baby gifts to new parents, here are some suggestions.

Stretch Suits

Between peeing, pooping, and spitting up, new parents may be changing their newborn two or three times a day. To avoid them having to do laundry in order to have something clean for their baby to wear, you should consider buying them several stretch suits for day and night use. Buy the stretch suits in varying sizes as well, because newborns will quickly outgrow their clothing and very few babies are actually ‘newborn’ size when they’re born.


Little babies wear little tiny socks that easily get lost in the washer or dryer, or get dropped somewhere and are never seen again. To keep babies warm, parents will put socks on them even when it is hot outside, so you can buy several pairs of cute socks for a new baby. Most baby socks come in packages, so buy them in various sizes so they fit as the baby grows.

Cot Sheets

For many of the same reasons that many stretch suits will be needed for a newborn baby, the parents will need to have extra cot sheets on hand as well. If the diapers leak or the baby sweats at night, the sheets will need to be changed, so they will need several of them. Ask about the theme or colours in the nursery and buy sheets to match the theme or in complementary colours.

Baby Items

Swaddling Blankets

Another good idea for gifts for a newborn baby is swaddling blankets. Small babies sleep better when they are swaddled, but like their clothes and sheets, they will go through blankets quickly because they will wet their diapers several times a night. Sometimes they can be found in packages of three, so you can buy two packages to help new parents ensure they have enough swaddling blankets for their new baby.


Between feedings, many parents will give pacifiers to help soothe their babies when they are fussy, but they are easily lost when that baby spits them out. Babies of all ages use pacifiers and, when the baby starts teething, they may go through them faster because they will chew on the nipple. Since pacifiers are inexpensive, you can buy several of them to last the parents for a few months.


On average, newborns have six or more wet nappies per day, so needless to say, parents need to be stocked up with them, whether they are disposable or washable. You would really be helping the new parents out by buying a package or two of nappies for their baby as a gift.

These small items will be appreciated as the parents start to go through them, because there never seems to be enough of them on hand.


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