When you consider that around one in three dogs in the UK suffers from obesity, it’s important to provide your puppy with a healthy diet.  Obesity in dogs can lead to similar health problems as in humans like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and mobility.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving your dog a treat; however their overall calorie intake needs to be monitored to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Reputable online retailers can provide you with healthy puppy food so your dog has a good start in life.  Online stockists provide customers with nutritional, high quality dog food which contains plenty of fish, ideal for growing puppies.  It’s important that puppies start off with a nutritional, balanced diet with no artificial colourings or preservatives.  Check out online feeding guides to find out about what you should feed working dogs, small dogs and larger breeds.

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So you don’t miss out on the best puppy food, why not sign up for an online newsletter?  There are always plenty of special offers, discount deals and the latest products for your puppy to enjoy from healthy puppy food UK online retailers.  Needless to say high quality puppy and dog food available to buy from online suppliers will provide all the nutritional value and energy needed.  It will also help with:-

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  • Coat condition – a pet’s skin and coat provides a natural physical barrier which is essential to maintain body temperature as well as reducing water loss.  Maintaining a puppy’s or dog’s coat is vital for your pet’s overall health and vitality.
  • Puppy growth and development – naturally not all puppies develop at the same rate.  For instance, a Great Dane will take around 12 months to reach full maturity while for a terrier, it’s closer to six months.  During the first 2-3 months of your puppy’s life, nutrition can play a crucial role in determining the health and well-being of your dog in later life.
  • Joint mobility – similar to humans as dogs age, their joints become a little less flexible, sometimes painful and aching.  This health condition usually affects around 50% of dogs aged seven or over.  With this in mind, make sure you feed your dog tasty and nutritious food, rich in fish.

There’s a wide range of super premium natural food and treats available to buy from online specialists.

Why fish?

 There are many reasons to purchase puppy and dog food made with fish.  Fish is a fantastic food that is:-

  • Naturally rich in Omega 3
  • An easily digestible protein
  • Packed with a strong taste and aroma that dogs love

A fish diet can also help with a dog’s coat condition, skin condition as well as brain and eye development.  It’s also ideal for joint mobility along with digestion and gut health.  At the end of the day the strong aromas and flavours of fish are a lot more welcome to dogs compared to alternative bland foods.


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