Most of the weddings these days are taking place on Valentine’s Day. I am not sure whether these marriages are destined by the stars or are they are forced to take place on a Valentine’s Day. Well, no matter whatever be the reason, I personally know of a friend who bribed the panditji to announce the wedding date to be 14th of February. I was too curious to understand the logic behind it and the good news was that there was absolutely no logic. It was done because it was considered to socially romantic for a couple to get married on a Valentine’s Day and secondly it wouldn’t allow the groom to forget the dreaded day of Valentine’s Day and their anniversary too. This foolish step taken by my friend created a lot of commotion in both the families as it was quite tough to book a venue for the following date and make all the arrangement but it elicited pure laughter from my end.

I don’t know whether the groom was actually lucky or unlucky to have two important days fall under one and to bail out from the situation we have come up with a wide variety of our last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas will work the best for them.

Handwritten Love Letter

If you haven’t heard the story already of the Valentine’s Day, we will narrate it for you. In Rome there were several saints by the name of Valentinus and one of them was imprisoned by Emperor Claudius II for marrying couples without the Emperor’s consent. Valentinus had eventually fallen in love with the jailer’s daughter and had hence written a love not to her and signed it off as, from your Valentine. Take a clue from this saint and write a letter to your love and sign it off by writing “From your Valentine”. This gift will be both classic and romantic and is sure to ring the emotional chords of your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Valentine Coupons

Make valentine coupons for her which include some romantic coupons such as ‘I will do the grocery for you’, ’10 Kisses’ coupons and maybe ‘Breakfast in bed’. What seems to be an ordinary coupon book will surely be quite romantic gift for her. They are easy to make and at the same time will make be truly special too.

Heart-shaped Chocolate Cake

Valentine’s Day is a season of love and romance so why not make it a little sweeter by going for a special heart shaped chocolate cake which will be the perfect Valentine gifts online . Don’t worry, it is not all that tough, all you need to do is just place an order online from any part of the world and get it delivered to any part of the world.


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