It’s not surprising that vacuum storage bags are increasing in popularity.  They are ideal to store items in which you don’t intend using for a while.  Vacuum bags are great space savers for travellers who want to take extra clothing on vacation or for those people wanting to get a bit extra in their luggage.

A vacuum bag is basically a strong plastic bag that you remove air from to make your things take up less space. The air can be removed by any standard size hoover. The bag will only work well if the items you are putting in are not rigid and all of the air has been vacuumed or squeezed out.  Don’t worry, vacuum storage bags are easy to use and available to order online.  They are perfect for storing:-

  1. Clothing
  2. Bedding
  3. Pillows

Vacuum bags work with any vacuum cleaner and they come with easy to follow instructions.

Durable and sturdy

The great thing about vacuum storage bags is that they are durable and sturdy.  Made from true heavy duty 110 Micron PA and PE is what makes these types of bags so good.  They can also help to reduce storage space up to 80%. Having a double zip seal and a seal turbo valve, helps to minimise air leakage especially if you intend to store items over a long period of time.

 vacuum storage bags

Quality vacuum storage bags

For more information, click here for the vacuum storage bags.  These space saving compression bags are also better at resisting punctures.  Find out more about the many key benefits of vacuum storage bags like:-

  • Providing full protection against moisture and mildew
  • Being waterproof as well as bug and insect proof

Available in different sizes they are perfect to store double duvets and blankets

The great news is cost-effective vacuum bags can also be reused time and time again whenever you need to use them, what more could you ask for?  You can order these storage products from reputable online companies that provide plenty of helpful information. Of course before ordering online you may have a number of questions you’d like to ask which online advisers will be more than happy to answer.  Choose from medium, large, maxi or jumbo XXL storage bags so you don’t have to worry about storing items.

Take a vacuum storage bag on your travels

Going away on holiday or travelling to a business meeting, then don’t forget to take vacuum storage bags.  They will help you to save a lot of space when packing, making you a much more organised traveller.  It will also help you to separate clean clothes from dirty ones, or keep a nice suit or dress out of the way and separate to use when needed. Vacuum bags are also waterproof so you don’t have to be concerned about items getting wet. Why not order different coloured vacuum bags so you can coordinate the things you put inside them?


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