Most of us have a cherished family decorative items that we hope will be inherited.  Many of us hope for the family silver or antique furniture. However, a beautiful piece of Waterford Crystal can make all of the other heirlooms a distant memory. Waterford items are unique and constitute a category of crystal all their own. Waterford Crystal, known for its high-quality standards of workmanship for decades, still continues to delight and satisfy buyers today.


Waterford Glass Company made its first contributions to the craft of glassmaking in the late 1700s. The best craftsmen in the field were a part of Waterford’s humble beginnings. The handmade products and distant designs made lasting impressions even after the company ceased operations for many years.  During the mid-1900’s the company made a comeback using recreated traditional designs. While changes and difficulties over the centuries have changed the company in some ways, the exceptional quality of their crystal remains as good as it was centuries ago. Some of the original patterns were revived by later artists. Waterford crystal is an example of how exceptional craftsmanship and artistic styles will stand the test of time.  A piece of Waterford Crystal is a piece of history.

Iconic Waterford Crystal


Waterford Crystal products come in a variety of styles. The elegant pitchers, vases, and picture frames are classics that stand the test of time. Each piece is crafted with care and delicacy. The beautifully etched designs are flawless and accent any home décor. There are some more specific items, such as clocks embedded with detailed crystal art that are excellent additions to Waterford collections. The lasting product line is endless and offers classic and modern designs to suit any customer.  Prices vary from under $100 to over $50,000, making Waterford collectibles available to a wide variety of consumers. You do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy a little piece of this beautiful crystal. Choose from sculptured animals, toasting glasses, and various types of bowls and trays. Iconic Waterford Crystal is a coveted art form, cherished by its owners.

Gift Giving

A piece of Waterford Crystal will be a gift not easily forgotten. The picture frames elegantly house wedding pictures and new baby memories.  They also add class to old black and white pictures of beloved relatives. An anniversary gift of flowers takes on a whole new meaning when cased in a Waterford vase. Different artistic pieces meet the specific tastes of modern and classic art lovers, as well. Money can be considered well spent if a piece of Waterford Crystal is the result. Whatever the occasion, this is the gift of a lifetime.

Waterford Crystal products are known the world over for their quality and history.  The pieces are collected and given for special occasions around the world.  The cost is minimal to those who understand the classic craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Waterford Crystal has been around long enough to be household name and never wavers on quality.  Choosing Waterford is choosing the best.


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