It’s easy to be indecisive when it comes to choosing your outfit for the day. On lots of occasions, what you wear is dictated by what you’re doing. Heading out to work, going away for the weekend, preparing to dazzle on a night out. But sometimes, there’s no clear direction on what to wear – you could go the faux fur coats route of dressing up or shove on jeans and a polo shirt and dress down.
What dictates which of these you do? In many cases, it’s just about how you feel – what mood you’re in. If you’re going round to a friend’s house for a glass of wine and a DVD, you don’t need to dress up, but you still want to look good. Faux fur coats are brilliant in this type of situation, because you can use them to glam up a much plainer outfit, meaning you’re completely comfortable, but get that added splash of luxury. On the other hand, if you’re on the school run, or you’re just popping out, do you need to go to all that bother? A simple, classic polo shirt, jeans and boots is all you need.

Could you wear these two items together? Well, of course you could, because in today’s fashion world, pretty much anything goes. But the polo shirt really belongs to the sporty, preppy school of fashion, whereas faux fur coats hold much more glamour and allure. Putting one over the top of the other isn’t necessarily going to result in the best look you’ve ever had, so unless you’re super-confident, it might be best to keep these pieces apart and wear them on separate occasions.
However you wear them, you’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to buying. Both faux fur coats and the ubiquitous polo shirt are available across a wide range of retailers, from designer street wear labels to traditional fashion stores. And because you can search and buy online as well as browsing the high street, you can find the best look, the best fit, the best colour and the best bargain for you.
And price is important, although you can pay as little as £10 for a good quality polo shirt, and faux fur coats are also far less expensive than you might think. That means whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, you can be wearing good quality, well designed clothes that are affordable and make you look and feel great. Whatever works for you.


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