When you look at hairdressing items online today, you cannot help but think of how hair grooming started. If you have ever walked into an old-fashioned style barbershop, the experience can only be described as a one-of-kind memory. Fortunately, today the traditional barbershop is trending along with more contemporary offerings. This classic art form of hairdressing has not changed much over the years and is still as relaxing today as it was during the Victorian period.

The Traditional Barbershop

The barbershop officially came into vogue at the end of the 1800’s. Up until the start of the First World War, barbershops were rivalling pubs and taverns as a popular retreat. The shops, at the time, served as hang-outs for men who would stop by for a haircut and shave and to catch up on the latest news. Many of the patrons were daily visitors. This time period represented a “Golden Age” for hairdressers.

During that illustrious time, barbershops featured classy, if not luxurious, furniture. Patrons were seated in sleek chairs made of walnut and waited to have a cut or shave in sumptuous upholstery. Ornate mirrors and crystal chandeliers were part of the décor of many of the popular shops. Just like today, the shops were welcoming places where customers could come in to relax and give themselves a treat in the form of an aesthetic hairdressing or spa-type experience.

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Today’s Furnishings

When you choose hairdressing supplies online then, you are upholding a tradition – a practice where the comfort of the patron is foremost in a stylist’s mind. For example, you can choose supplies online for barbers, haircutters, manicurists and spa specialists that include such furnishings as barber chairs, beauty beds, workstations, massage tables, and manicure and pedicure accessories. Basin new foam is offered as well as blow-waver holders – everything a shop owner needs to keep his clientele and personnel happy.

When the Barbershop Faded from View

The barbershop temporarily faded from view when the major consumer products company Gillette featured its safety razor for men. When this razor was introduced, customers switched to using the more affordable accessory. A Great Depression and two major World Wars as well as a period when long and shaggy styles were the rule and not the exception followed this introduction.

The Customer Always Comes First in the Beauty and Barber Business

Today, the barbershop and hair salon are both back in vogue as both men and women customers now require a customised experience. The furnishings that are available bring this point home as they are especially designed to make barbering and hairstyling services a popular means of escape.

If you are the owner of a salon or barbershop, it is best to make your furniture selections online. That way you can take all the time you need to furnish your establishment with equipment and accessories that will make the salon or barbershop experience a one-of-a-kind escape. Think about your base of customers when making your selections. Without them, your business simply could not operate.


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