If you’re a man, and especially a big man, you probably have trouble finding clothes that fit your personal style and look fashionable. Sometimes it seems like all the trendy clothes are for women, and men’s clothing is stuck somewhere in the 1990s. Some guys simply don’t like having to shop for clothing; they want to pick a look and stick with it. If you’re just trying to simplify your wardrobe or trying to find a way to always look good, picking a few clothing items is important. There are a few items you can choose to always look well put together.


Simplicity is the key to crafting a timeless look. Starting with the shirt, you can begin to build your look. For business settings, you want to pick a button-down shirt that fits well. If you’re a big guy, Oxford House menswear offers plenty of shirts that will fit you well. The shirt should be loose around the collar, but not so loose that it forms gaps. The sleeves should reach down just slightly past your wrists. You should feel like you can move around comfortably as well as easily tuck in the shirt, but it shouldn’t be so loose that it gaps and drapes.

Picking shirts with patterns can be risky and makes choosing your clothes in the morning a little more difficult. Your best bet is to go with solid colours, and understated colours like neutrals, navy blue, dark red, and such. Pick colours that don’t stand out too much; neutral colours will match with your other clothes much better.

big size clothing for men


Your ties should be about as wide as the lapels on your sport coats. If you’re not a man who wears a suit to work, your tie should match your body type. If you’re a slender guy, buy a slender tie. If you’re a broad guy, you should wear wider ties. The ties should be dark colours as well as primary colours. Go with black, blue, green, red, and other simple colours. You can pick patterns if you’d like, but keep in mind that blocks of colour are easier to coordinate.


Your belt needs to match your shoes and your trousers. Your best bet is to go with two separate belts. You should buy a black belt and a brown belt; leather is a good option. If you buy one in black and one in brown, they’ll match pretty much anything you plan to wear.


Your trousers are actually pretty simple. Some bigger guys like pleated front slacks but flat front slacks are much more popular these days. They’ll probably be in style for a long time. If you’re not sure which to choose, choose flat front slacks. You should pick a few pairs of trousers in different colours. If you buy your business slacks in black, tan, and grey, you should be able to match all of your shirts and ties. For more casual settings, a pair of dark wash jeans should do the trick.


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