Life is a beautiful blessing that God has bestowed upon us. We are privileged enough to be able to live this life as the most intelligent species- human beings. That is just one reason why we should be grateful about little things that we often take for granted. We tend to overlook the worth of things that are already provided to us, but realize their importance when they are taken away. Don’t let it be too late to show gratitude towards these blessings bestowed upon us. Gratitude is one of the most potent emotions that make us realize the importance of such things. We can never be enough grateful for the love and care our parents have provided us, but we can at least try.

Let us take one instance that may require you to show gratitude. Getting promoted is no less than a lifetime achievement and needs to be celebrated. But you should also be grateful towards your boss because of whom you are in that place.

Here are 5 bouquets that will help you express your gratitude towards him effortlessly.

  • A Basket of freshly picked buds

A bunch of blooming flowers will make your Boss Day. A basket full of flowers will bring a happy and fresh vibe with it which will convey your message effortlessly. You can mix and match from the wide variety available to you and what suits your preferences the best.

  • Mixed Flowers

Another way to shuffle different kinds of flowers together is to pick mixed flowers bouquets that are not limited to just one kind but offers you a lot of flower types and arrangements which make it all the more unique. You can mix orchids, gerberas, roses, lilies, etc. to create a custom-made bouquet that will please your boss.

  • Assorted Carnations

Carnations are great and make for a brilliant gift. The delicate petals and their soothing tones add up to their looks and will certainly sway away your boss. You can choose different types, colors and arrangements for your carnation bouquet and take it to a whole new level of exquisiteness.

  • Flowers in a Glass Vase

Presentation can certainly earn you some brownie points and may you need them if you wish to bag the next promotion. Presenting flowers in a glass vase will give the gift a luxurious edge and will surely reserve that seat for you. You can choose from roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, etc. and team them up with a glass vase which will give it a deluxe vibe.

  • Chocolate Bouquet

Everyone loves a delicious pack of chocolate and there is nothing that it cannot be teamed with. So a bouquet of flowers with Ferrero Rocher sprinkled all over it will make for a scrumptiously rejuvenating gift and you can also munch on some of the chocolates during the lunch break with your boss.

These were some of exquisite and revitalizing bouquet ideas that will express gratitude towards your boss easily. You can order these awesome looking flowers online and get same day delivery and let your boss know how punctual you are.


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