Jaeger-Lecoultre, Omega, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Hublot…it’s been a long time since these names arouse strong interest in you. You are now ready to take the plunge. The watch is a beautiful object, the jewel of men, a precious asset that you can keep for decades and eventually pass on to your children. It is also an opportunity to mark a beautiful event. Your watch will be the daily witness of an exceptional moment.

In short: it’s decided, you need a watch!

But how to choose? So many Swiss brands of offer very disparate luxury watches. Difficult to know which one to choose and specially to have the certainty of making the right choice. To be certain of having all the cards in hand, here are some “tips” to keep in mind.

It is important to find a watch that reflects your tastes and personality. It will also be necessary to know if it corresponds to your budget or your style. We will also help you to carry out this “passion investment” with the aim of keeping your initial investment.

Here is our first “advice”: turn to mythical watches

Several watchmaking companies have icons that have been fascinating watchmakers for decades. Watches of character that knew how to mark the time, prove themselves on the biggest car racing circuits in the world, accompany Presidents or the man on the moon or face the deep sea … Each of these mythical watches has been driven by a unique destiny and today offers a strong symbolic and a nod to history. That’s why they please so many horological enthusiasts and are now part of what we call “passion investments”.

Investment Passion, Pleasure and Serenity

“You will never completely possess a Patek Philippe. You will be just the guardian for future generations. ” This slogan launched by Patek Philippe reflects this desire to buy an exceptional watch to create, a memory, a heritage for future heirs. Unlike some fashionable and trendy objects, luxury watches last almost forever, if they were designed by large manufacturers. You will have the pleasure of knowing that with a good maintenance your fetish watch will perhaps become that of your descendants and may, if necessary, gain in value over time.

To perform a “passion investment” our advice is to target the “safe values” of the market by turning to mythical watches or large traditional houses. We think of some Swiss houses like Jaeger-Lecoultre, Omega, Blancpain, Rolex, Piaget, etc.

Tip Number Two: Set Your Budget

Depending on your budget, go to different types of watches. The more your budget will be more haute horlogerie will open its doors and more complications will be splendid (ringtones, alarm clock, whirlwind, perpetual calendar, moon phase). But if you are not immediately ready to access this kind of luxury watches, you can quite find your happiness with a more reasonable budget.

Our advice is to turn to the used watch market. A wide selection of exceptional watches is available to you at very attractive prices: from 20% to 50% lower than the price of the new. The second-hand luxury watches market is a good alternative to find a beautiful watch without breaking the bank and make a good deal. For example, if your budget is between $1.500 and $3.000 you can access the world of luxury watches and especially vintage models. Starting from $3.000, you will see the number of brands and models increase at the same time. Beyond $5.000 of budget, you will have the choice between many exceptional models.

Where to buy a used luxury watch? Today there are several dealers of luxury watches occasion. Big Watch Buyers offers watches in a near new condition, with a guarantee of authenticity and the expertise of its watchmakers. Professionals who carry out a work of revision, polishing, change of parts.

Tip Number Three: Set Your Style

Choosing a watch that suits your style is not easy. The luxury sector offers a wide choice of watches. To find your bearings, we advise you to start with everyday situations. For which occasions would you like to wear your watch? Do you have a sporting lifestyle? If this is the case, we advise you to go to sports models such as, for example, chronographs, diving watches, automobile pilot watches or even aviation watches. Watches that generally have sturdy materials and bold curves that offer a sporty look. Budget side, to really make you happy, count from $3.000.

If you want to display a chic, elegant, refined style, we recommend watches “classic” often with three needles and pure lines. On the budget side, their price range is wider. These are more accessible because they generally have fewer complications.

Another possibility very fashionable at the moment: vintage luxury watches. In addition to their refinement, they bring character to an outfit including a leather bracelet. They also allow you to access certain brands or models within your defined budget. All you have to do is find the watch that suits your style!

Find the one that’s right for you!

By following our advice, you can gradually refine the models available to you. For example, if you are looking for a diver instead to enjoy your vacation at sea, but controlling your budget? So, opt for a beautiful Omega Seamaster watch. A sufficiently sporty and chic model to be adopted by James Bond in many of his adventures.

Are you still hesitating between a watch cut for athletes or a watch that can accompany you in your appointments and parties? We have the solution: a beautiful Rolex Submariner that combines both sporty style and elegance.

Your budget is important and you want a watch loaded with history to sports lines?

So, the Rolex Daytona is for you! Pilot’s watch is not only emblematic of the brand at the crown but is also the most sought-after model. As a result, demand continues to grow, some models of Daytona are more than ever victims of their success.


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