Men, what if I told you that mens dress jackets contain the secrect to business success, a vibrant social life, and will make you irresistable with the ladies? Skeptical? Read on and you will become a believer.

Are you trying to find an easy way to get just the right look for any occasion? Here you will find essential mens fashion tips that will give even the most fashion-challenged man the classic look that is appropriate for all situations, wether you’re going out to dinner with friends, going out on a date, or meeting a client for a business lunch.

Timeless Style

Keep in mind the look you what to achieve is what is called timeless. It never goes out of style and is suitable for a young man of eighteen as it is for a mature man of fifty. And the very best way to achieve this timeless look is to arm yourself with two or three mens dress jackets.

You can’t go wrong by having a classic blue blazer (this will go with anything), a lightweight charcoal or off white sport coat, and perhaps another earth tone mens jacket made of heavier material, such as tweed or corduroy, which can be worn in the cooler months.

Invest In Yourself

Even though it will cost a little extra, you should seriously consider having your mens dress jacket custom tailored so that it fits perfectly. Remember this is a long-term investment in yourself, so don’t skimp. One custom-fitted Brooks Brothers sport coat will look better and last longer than two or three off brand mens jackets purchased on sale from a discount store.

If you don’t have enough money right now to purchase several jackets, then make sure that the one jacket you own (preferably the classic blue blazer) is custom fitted. You can always add additional jackets to your wardrobe later when you have more money to spend.

The Classic Wardrobe

Okay, so now you have your stylish men’s dress jackets and they fit perfectly. How do you know what to wear with them? Here’s the best part. Each of your jackets can be worn with a variety of shirts (with or without a tie), and slacks (including khakis or designer jeans).

To add that little touch of class, you can further accessorize your outfit by including a handkerchief for the breast pocket, different colors and designs for different occasions. With two or three nice jackets, a few pairs of slacks, somemens dress shirts, a couple of ties and a handkerchief or two, you’ll have everything it takes to look appropriate and stylish in any situation.

Acting With class

So what is the magic of mens dress jackets? Why will they make you more successful, give you more friends, and attract the woman of your dreams? The answer is simple: you tend to act the way you feel. If your wardrobe includes one or two quality jackets, you will look dignified, you will act with class, and attract all the good things in life.


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