When it comes to mens dress socks, are you the type of man who typically wears white cotton socks with anything and everything you put on? Are dress socks not even on your radar screen when getting dressed up for a special occasion? Then you have a lot to learn about the importance socks play in being fashion conscious.

Your white cotton socks may be appropriate for wearing under sneakers while exercising or under your work boots at work, but not when you are trying to dress up.

Dressing up for any occasion needs to be considered a head to toe endeavor, so here is some advice about mens dress socks for you fashion-challenged gents out there.

Coordinating Dress Socks

When cooridinating dress socks with clothing, one very important thing to keep in mind is that some colors just do not go together and some patterns and fabrics also do not belong together. You are trying to marry the perfect socks to your dress clothes, so they have to be compatible.

A good all around color for dress socks is black. Black is especially important when wearing black shoes. Nobody wants to see any other color sock with black shoes, as a general rule of thumb.

If you are donning a pair of loafers other than black, you can really impress the ladies with some high quality argyle mens dress socks. Other patterned socks that you might want to show off are polka dots or stripes. These patterns usually look good with loafers, but do not even think about wearing these socks with a suit.

Suits typically call for high-quality plain color socks of a coordinating color, of course. Cashmere is a great option. Ralph Lauren makes great socks, as does Georgio Armani, if you are looking to get really high class.

Selecting Stylish Dress Socks

For the average Joe searching for some nice-looking dress socks, you can find something at the local JC Penny for a reasonable price that will still be stylish. While patterned socks certainly have their place, don’t go crazy with outrageous colors. Colors like bright green, orange, or pink are best reserved for the ladies.

Remember, keep the color neutral, black with black and white is not the color of mens dress socks. Brown, tan, black, navy blue, dark green and gray are the colors that will always work in your favor.

Don’t wear your dress socks with your sneakers or work boots, and for Pete’s sake, do not wear dress socks with sandals! You will look really silly and the ladies will just laugh at you. Wear your dress socks confidently with your dress clothes, and you will likely impress with your clear fashion sense.


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