Maestrale’s flexible wats fold for a relaxed fit, but jump right back into place.  When you are a purist backpacker visiting on a limited, scoffing at anything demanding a substantial structure of cash is a necessary tactical impulse.

You have fun at the wealthy program vacationers who invest more on a week’s accommodations than you do for several weeks of night time in guesthouses. You create fun of those “adventure travelers” equipped in overcoats that cost more than your rucksack did. And why buy $100+ eyewear when you can get a couple at the regional mercado for three bucks?

These are, arms down, the most relaxed and light and portable eyewear I can ever keep in mind wearing, and which is no fluke. These unique polarized PhD contacts “weigh 75% less than cup and 10% less than plastic.”

When most gradually keep that stage and get an actual job, however, the excellent mind-set ends a bit over time. Remaining in a hostel does not have the same charm when you can quickly manage better and you recognize people cure you diversely when you are not clothed like a hobo. And wow—things really do look a lot different when you are wearing excellent sunglasses!


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