Like many people trying out an online store for the first time, I was naturally a bit scared about the outcome of this venture. After flipping through several pages and falling in love with everything I saw, I decided to take a chance and it wonderfully paid off. Besides the realistic fear of falling for an online fraud, I was uneasy about the bag coming in and being held off by the custom officers. That didn’t turn out as a problem. My bag arrived just in time and it was exactly what I had ordered on I have placed orders in the U.S. that took longer to deliver.

Unlike my initial fear of shopping on, letting out my credit card details online is one fear I have never been able to shake off. Therefore, I opted for the western union option and I got a whopping 10% discount. How’s that for beginner’s luck? I hear it even gets better, regular customers get an additional 10% discount making 20% – best believe I’ll be back to make up those numbers. I got all the payment instructions I needed on the site and the whole process went as easy as the sun shines.

So, my Chanel handbag arrived in style and it was the stuff of nectar and butterflies. I could not believe it was a replica; I tried the best I could to find a fault, but everything just looked tiptop. Chanel bags are timeless, still holding the same allure they did in the 50s and my classic flap was no different. The caviar leather of both the bag and the wallet were everything. The bag had a texture of something that was made to outlive me, and I have no complains about this. It feels good to own a Chanel bag for less than half the price. We’ll be meeting again, xoxo.


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