At some point of one’s life, one wishes of the hair doctors, because as a part of the body there are so many problems that hair registers sometimes and one doesn’t come up with a solution at all. The pollution now a day’s totally eradicates the very foundation of one’s hair, giving it a rough and brassy look. The bad thing is that people don’t find a solution that how to get rid of the brassy and brownish hair or the tinted hairs. Shampoos have been offered by the companies but those don’t show lasting signs over one’s hair.

The solution is the purple shampoo, though it is very different from the regular shampoos as they are normally not for eliminating the tint from the hairs or to eliminate the brassy look. Purple shampoo is purple colored and that is for a reason, if you observe the light spectrum closely then you would find that purple and yellow are the opposite ends of the spectrum, when one gains a brassy look, this is a sign that it has got yellow tint all over his hair, the yellow pigments scatter all over the hair and the disintegration starts.

These yellow pigments can be neutralized by the purple pigments that are provided in the purple shampoo, these help to nourish your hair back to their original color and along with that it gives the natural and healthy feel back to the hairs thanks to the amino ingredients


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