Most skirts that are lying in our closets tend to get stuck in the back of the closet and are tragically forgotten. It’s easy to keep pushing a fancy skirt farther into the darkness, assuming it’s for parties and special occasions, but then you neither see nor think of it when a party comes and you have nothing to wear.

As you do with pants, create 3 piles and 3 corresponding lists under the categories Wear-all-the-time, Wear-sometimes, and Never-wear. When you’re done, try to rethink of your ideas of which skirts are for work, parties, e.t.c., because these pieces are more versatile then they seem.

When all lists are complete, move your rarely worn and never worn skirts in front of your closet, and spend a week trying to work them into daily outfits. If you still don’t like a skirt after a test wearing, it’s probably not the skirt for you, but be open-minded, especially with your “formal” skirts as they can probably come out to see the light more often than you think.

With your full inventory, you can find enough skirts to last a decade, though you’re absolutely free to go shopping next week for more skirts.


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