The false lashes are utilized to make the natural eyelashes look more lush and fuller. These come in the different lengths and shapes, from the little to the dramatically long. These false eyelashes are manufactured from the different substances and obtainable in the different colors. The false eyelashes boutique is glued on utilizing the some kind of the eyelashes adhesive. The fake lashes can really damage the natural eyelashes if these are removed or applied incorrectly. And even if the removal and application are done accurately the false eyelashes may yet damage the natural eyelashes.


The kind of the lash glue you utilize may affect the natural lashes as well. The long wearing lash gules is manufactured from the strong chemicals and these are made to keep the eyelashes in a place for many days. Therefore, this puts much more sprain on natural eyelashes. But, even the false eyelashes which are putted on with the standard adhesive can cause the natural eyelashes to be pulled or fall out in few conditions.


The application of the false lashes is the very important to securing the natural eyelashes. The lash glue must be placed accurately above lashes. This is the best to prevent getting glue on natural eyelashes. Removal of the false or fake lashes can be tougher. If this is not done accurately then the natural lashes can be pulled out. This is good to utilize the waterproof makeup remover of eye to dissolve the glue. You can find the great tips regarding the prevention of natural eyelashes from the any false eyelashes boutique.


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