So there’s a special event tonight and you are all ready to turn on heads. You take out shoes from your closet to add the final touch to your outfit but oh! What’s it you are seeing? Your favourite leather moccasins have worn out so much. You are wondering how that happened since you just bought them less than a year ago. Well, chances are that you never just took care of them properly. When you invest your money in them, it’s vital that you also invest your time in taking care of them so that they last long. Here are some ways which will help you in taking care of your shoes properly:

1) Firstly, if your shoes have worn out a lot and you think there’s something which only a cobbler can fix, don’t shy away. Be it putting back a heel or repairing the resoles, a cobbler can do it well. It’s better to spend a few bucks on such things rather than shelling out a large sum of money at a later stage for getting them repaired fully.

2) One thing you should always remember is to go for quality shoes in the first place. It’s better that you own 5 quality pair than owing 20 pairs which get worn out fast. The high quality ones such as those from Redchief will require less maintenance work as they are made with durable materials. You can browse through the Redchief shoes price list online to get the best pair for yourself.

3) Taking care of suede shoes is a bit tricky. If there’s a big stain on your suede shoes, you cannot remove it on your own. You will need to contact the brand company for that. However if there are small marks on it, you can use a suede eraser to eliminate them. You can follow up with a suede brush to take care of the fuzz.


4) If your shoes are wet, do not let them dry in direct sunlight as this way they will only damage faster. Just stuff some newspaper balls into them and then dry them away. The leather will take its own sweet time to dry but at least it wouldn’t crack down this way.

5) Get the insoles replaced on regular intervals. This won’t just prolong the wear time but will also help in absorbing perspiration in a better way to keep your feet away from smelling. It’s best to get this done from a cobbler as he will do it properly.

6) For shoes which accompany you on your adventure trip (like those of Woodland), it’s important that you wipe them clean after every trip of yours. When you were checking out Woodland shoes price on, the only thing going on in your mind was how to secure the best deal and not should I maintain them also. Use a welt toothbrush to clean the surface and to take out dirt and grime from the seam of the shoes.

7) Use quality shoe polish and polishing clothes to keep your dress shoes always dazzling. Polishing brush with horse hair is considered as the best one as it helps pack on a beautiful shine on leather shoes. Make full use of it.

8) There are various methods for whitening shoes. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a little water and rub that paste where you want the whitening effect. You will be surprised by the pleasant results! You can even buy whitening polishes to save on time.

Hope these 8 tips help you in giving a long life to your shoes!


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