T-shirts have always been the most comfortable yet fashionable garment and a number of people are actually using it for creating dress codes of events. If you too are hosting an event with a dress code of T-shirts in the same then following some of the best t-shirt design ideas could help you in creating one for your event.

  1. Selftees

Using a bit of reference from a russian designer who designed a selfie t-shirt, something like the same can be created. The theme for the design could be a self portrait of the person wearing it is something innovative.

  1. Conductive ink

Conductive ink when used to create on a shirt fabric can undoubtedly be something that has never been done. This one is one of those design ideas that keep you thinking about the existence and creation of the same.

  1. Augmented reality

A lot of people have experienced the virtual reality t-shirts, but augmented reality is a step ahead of that. It creates and enhances the surroundings on the T-shirt with a punch of augmentation. When it comes to augmented reality, the possibilities are endless as there are plenty of options to try from.

  1. RFID T-shirts

The technology that is used to inject microchips into pets and other animals is RFID. This is done most of the times by companies to keep a track of the products but, it can serve as one of the new design ideas for T-shirts to be worn during an event. This can also help in locating the participants of the event.

  1. Luminous Fabrics

T-shirts made out of luminous fabrics could be the best for night parties with low lightings. This is usually done in different fashion shows but can turn out to be a mind blasting idea for events that are actually worth it.

  1. Living materials

T-shirts of living materials could be created with living cells of organisms. The idea behind creating a T-shirt out of some living materials is that the living materials in the T-shirt would actually live and respond to the environment. There can be different types of changes including change in size, color, regeneration and much more.

  1. Sound Shirt

A sound shirt is something extremely revolutionising and completely innovative. It can be a great garment for the deaf events, it can help all the deaf people to feel the sound without actually hearing the same.

  1. 3D printed

3D printing isn’t much innovative as it has been used several times by different people but using it for events is something that has never happened. The innovation here could be using not a 3D print but a 3D fabric itself. There are 3D printers available that can undoubtedly create such 3D T-shirts for different type of events.

  1. Color changing

Colour changing is something that can leave almost every person ecstatic. There are different scientific phenomena that can be used for changing the colors of a T-shirt and this can undoubtedly be one of the most innovative design ideas for an event.

There is no limit to possibilities and experimentation when it comes to design ideas. Mentioned above are just handful of the different types of T-shirt designs that can lead to a better type of event.


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