You need a special type of jacket that protects you when the weather turns. A cotton hoodie only makes you wetter and more uncomfortable during a rainstorm. You need a rain jacket that withstands anything from rain to animal attacks. Review a few features that go into making good quality rain jackets.


A rain jacket is barely anything if it does not last long. You need materials that are not ripped apart easily by the elements of nature. Rain will ruin jackets made of the wrong fabrics, such as velvet. In other fabrics, too much water is too absorbent, so wearing the jacket feels more like wearing a wet towel.

If a human or animal comes along and rips the sleeves, you want everything to remain in one piece. Consider the durability of the fabrics and the manufacturing techniques that went into creating the jacket.


With rain comes cold and wind, so you need waterproof rain jackets that are insulated. Usually, you want the fabric to keep cold air out, not let cool air inside. You need protection against the sharpest drops in the temperatures that occur during any season.

For instance, the summer usually occurs during the middle of the year, but if you travel to locations near the Arctic, you could experience fall or winter temperatures. Another example is when you sleep out at night. Without warning, places that are very hot in the day may get very cold at night.

It is simple to tell if a jacket is insulated or not by its thickness. Look for a padded or quilted feature that feels soft and looks comfortable to wear. Comfort is another factor to look at as you choose an insulated jacket. If you find one that is too bulky, it is designed more like a winter coat than a rain jacket. Look for soft, comfortable insulated materials that are not too thick and not too thin.

   Rain Jackets


A rain jacket must have waterproof features that exceed those found in other jackets. The whole purpose of one is to resist rains and floods. First, review the interior and exterior materials that protect the wearer.

You want a sleek nylon fabric exterior that lets water run right off the body. The fabric interior is just as important because you want to stay dry and warm. Some jackets are made with mesh linings that allow the skin to breathe more easily.

As you choose a waterproof jacket, consider the importance of comfort and efficiency. If you plan to wear the jacket often, you want total comfort in the fabrics, zippers, fasteners, arm lengths, and every other detail. Choose efficiency if you mostly worry about being wet for long periods of time.

It is easy to resist rain with the technology that goes into manufacturing strong, nature-resistant clothing. Whether you go hiking or biking, you never know when a storm could happen. If you are wearing the wrong type of jacket, even light rain becomes uncomfortable. You need to find a rain jacket that is functional, yet stylish enough for regular use. You have many options to choose from as you search for the ideal jacket.


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