Traditional artisanship is a tangible manifestation of cultural heritage. While many craftsmanship objects are meant to be used for a short time, authentic toys are designed as collectibles that can be held onto and even passed from one generation to the other. The toys are beautiful yet simple and can serve as decorative items or put away as their value continues to increase.

Collector toys are made by skilled artisans to pair aesthetic beauty with durability and good providing value for your money. High-quality collectible toys are worth the cost when you factor in both the craftsmanship and the possible resale value of the toys. The better the craftsmanship, the more likely a toy is to not only last but also provide value and return for investors. Many toys today, that are made with cheap materials fall apart quickly and have no real lasting value. Mad Hats offers toys made with exemplary craftsmanship for collectors looking to enhance their collection.

Some toys were made by expert craftsmen that produce only limited, numbered, and authenticated pieces. These numbered pieces are appreciated mainly because of their craftsmanship and attention to detail in addition to their scarcity and uniqueness. Other items are time-honored as a souvenir of the youth of some of the older craftsman. Crafted toys are timeless and can form part of family heritage to be gifted to various generations of family members.

The toy collection has creatively blended fantasy and sculpture so that it is captivating to both

adults and children with items such as POP! Funko Toys. The materials chosen have aesthetics, sustainability and skilled craftsmanship in focus. For more items check out Mad Hats on


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