Looking good and feeling great does not take hours. Neither do you have to put on loads of make-up and wear expensive clothes to look good.

Here are some simple tips that can help you look close if not a  Diva on the ramp.

– Drink Water: Truly said it is the elixir of life. Instead of gulping down gallons of sodas and caffeine based beverages, clear water helps in rejuvenating and helps you to stay hydrated.

– Shimmer: A light shimmer in the morning or evening can get your face look fresh and dewy. A little touch of shimmer on the corners of the eyes, apple of the cheek bones, on brow bone, bridge of the nose and a little over the upper lip.

– Spray Up: Keep a small water spray beside your make up kit. You can also use a special mist toner that you can you spray after you have applied makeup. The water and the antioxidant will get your skin glowing and breathe life into your skin.

– Anti-puff: Keep an anti under eye puff handy. Use it on your eye do not look tired. It smoothens out and hydrates the fine lines under the eyes.

– Walk straight: The mantra is not to slouch. Walking ran rod straight will improve your posture and make you look taller than you are. In addition it will also improve your blood circulation.

– Look into your Eyes: Not literally so. Make your eyes look bigger and the focal point on your face by applying mascara and liner. Curl your lashes and brush them for the individual touch. Make your liner look soft and natural rather than the hard lines.

– Lipstick: Nothing can do the trick like a lipstick dose. It brightens up your face. Depending on the color you can change the look of your face.


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